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Hidden Paws

It's winter and cats are still outside. Cold and alone. Find them and bring them home.

Features 12+ charming winter landscapes with over 120 little cats to find.  

 Open cars and boxes, rummage through piles of wood, search the forests. Cats are well hidden but they meow when you get near so listen closely and you might just be able to find them all.


Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(54 total ratings)
AuthorManic Hyena
TagsAnimals, Casual, Cats, Christmas, Cozy, Cute, hidden-object, kitty, snow, winter


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A sweet little game. Soundtrack is excellent, visual style is pleasant too. The mouse controls I wasn't sure about at first but I got used to them (plus there's an invert mouse toggle in the menu). 

PSA to players: I think it's best played with good stereo headphones, the main way you can tell where cats are is that they meow (only cats you haven't clicked yet will meow idly). Not impossible to play without but I think the best experience is when you do have them. 

Despite the graphics being on the low poly side, it does seem to ask for a fair amount of juice from my computer while running. This isn't a critisism, just a note to potential players. Mine didn't have a problem (it just made more noise) but another 2 commenters said it ran slow on their system so be aware and check graphic settings if needed.

The one thing I did find a little annoying was the trees moving while you simply hovered the mouse over them. Having the environment react to interactions is good and make the game feel more tangible but whenever I would move past a tree, it would russle and I would quickly think this was a cue that there was a cat moving inside. I think the trees should still russle on a click but I don't think hovering should produce a reaction. Also the tree shadows didn't seem perfect on my machine.

Chill vibes all around. You don't need to collect all cats and yarn on each level but I felt like I couldn't leave the cats behind. According to the discription above, we are saving them from the cold by finding them, so it would be irresponsible to move on early. I'm pretty sure I'm on Santa's naughty list for opening so many presents that weren't mine to search for cats and yarn in them. But that's a price I'm prepared to pay to save the cats.

I enjoyed it, but it runs really slow on my computer. Hmm.

I loved the cute look to this game and found it to be very calming. The concept was basic but I feel like it worked well; a sort of hide and seek/Where's Waldo? but with cats. The game's theming is great too, being set during the winter. In my opinion, the controls weren't that bad however I did in some ways find it difficult to find the balls of yarn. I did like how there were sounds to help find the cats which helped me out. Great game in general.


Definitely one of my favorite Itch.io games I've played through.  I've seen a lot of complaints about controls, but for me, it was simple.  W to move, left mouse click to help orient position and right mouse click to look around freely.  My only complaints are that I thought visual clues like house indicated specifically which house (oh, this house has two windows next to door) only to realize later it was generic house for hint.  

I'd love to see more games done with these graphics and play mechanics.  Finding aliens on different planets, finding sea creatures, maybe a general wildlife search.  The possibilities are endless.  Like Hidden Folks, I also loved the mechanic of interacting with environment to find the cats and yarn, opening windows, trunks, flipping over hats and pots, etc.  Oh, and the music for the first Christmas level (with presents and such) was beautiful!

LOVED this game and love cats. Gave me quite a warm fuzzy feeling and has an air of joyful mystery to it. Nice flow of difficulty not necessarily increasing directly as you go through the levels. One critisism I have is for the lazy people like myself the hints could be done based on visual clue. When you click the hint button you could show a large circle outlining the area which the cat or yarn is in.

Well played and made.

Jack xox

This amazing game is marred by its camera controls, which contribute to motion sickness. Will it get an update for this? I really hope so!!

W and S absolutely need an option to move strictly on the X plane, no matter where the camera is pointing. There is currently no option to restrict movement along the X plane (which is weird because the Z axis is handled by Shift and Space and Y is handled by A and D). This would instantly solve everything.

I really enjoyed playing this! The controls took a little bit to get used to, but I found that using just the mouse was the best way to maneuver around.

Thanks for the cute and relaxing game! 🐈 

So relaxing! I actually liked the controls- it added a bit of realism as I couldn't just fly around wherever I wanted. My favorite part was the penguins <3


very cute very cozy but the controls make me almost throw up.
Figuring out how to use the mouse by clicking and holding was better - when I tried WSAD controls the game was impossible to play. But still it made me so motion sick I could only finish three levels :'(


A really nice and calming experience with a fantastic atmosphere, however the controls were a tad infuriating and sucked me out of the experience every time the camera did not do what I wanted it to. 


A little sad to know there's an end to this game. I was hoping it was procedurally generated. A wonderful, zen-like experience. Could use a little optimization, but everything else is fantastic. Thank you! 

This is the most precious game.  It's like stepping inside an adorable snow globe.

Just finished playing this delightful little game. I loved the little meows so much that I kept finding myself clicking on the cats I'd already found just to make them 'speak'.  And the bow-ties on the penguins made me smile.

I did have some slight issues with glitchy graphics and sound but that may be due to running it in Wine on a potato (this is a linux-only household). Wasn't bad enough to get in the way of me enjoying the game, though.